Wednesday, June 27, 2007

West again - in daylight

After the potentially cool place I found last night I thought I would make a concerted effort to get out there before sunset (around 8:30 in Florida). I managed to make it out in good time, to see that there was a park area, where there seemed to be a lot of private parties with boats who would go out fishing for the day.

It was a pretty cool place, obviously popular with the locals, and an epic setting on the edge of the glades.

I had studied the maps last night, and discovered that the road didn't actually stop completely, but in fact changed into a dirt track, and continued to a real road again after a few miles. Being the sort of person to try stuff, I had it in mind to have a go along this track, you know, just for fun. I was disappointed to find a big yellow barrier there to stop me :(

Anyway, I'd paid my $5 to get into the car park, and so I stayed and got a few shots of the sunset. Another cool evening. I do enjoy a good sunset.

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