Monday, March 15, 2004

Tivo Modes

UK Mode 0
This page explains how to configure your UK TiVo to make Mode 0 recordings. The TiVoCommunity thread is here.

The various modes are:
Mode Resolution Used by TiVo Modes
1 352 x 576 Basic and Medium
2 480 x 576 High
4 544 x 576 Best
0 720 x 576 (not used)

True Romance

One of my fav films, Tarantino wins again. The best thing about it is that girls think they are going to enjoy it, "ahh that sounds nice, why can't we watch more films like that?" ok then.....

Monday, March 08, 2004

Status Anxiety

From the description of this book
"The urge to be somewhere else is one of the abiding traits of human nature"

I found it as a link from the site about status anxiety, which was made into a 2 hour documentery shown on channel 4 on Sat night

The Game


Quite an intriguing film as I watched, I started off half asleep, and became rigidly awake by the end. How disappointing. I can't even entertain the idea that such a "practical joke" is even viable in movie-land.

Its about a rich businessman who enters into a "game," offered as a birthday present by his brother. His life is immediately disrupted, the TV starts talking to him, he is locked into the back of a taxi, floating to the bottom of a harbour.... etc, etc

At the end in a double barreled twist he finds out it is a practical joke, and simultaneously believes he has just killed his brother, staggers over to the edge of the building, and jumps. Suicide. We are to believe that this "joke" led him to a mental place where he commits suicide. But he doesn't, he lands on an inflated tent, on a spot marked with an 'X', with all his friends/relatives around saying "surprise" and "happy birthday". I would still have killed them. In fact I think I may have serially murdered them over the next few months/years. It is unbelieveable (even in movie world) for him to get up and go, ah, good one, you really had me there...

An intriguing film, but turned out to be a show worthy of the bin.