Saturday, May 14, 2011

Castlerock - 14th May 2011

Today was planned to be a busy day, but also a good wind day, so I decided to make an early start and headed off to the beach around 7.

When I arrived at Benone there was almost no wind. The anemometer was reading 7-10 mph! It was also cross-off.

I waited a while and then left. Randomly I decided to pop into Castlerock to see the beach there, and unbelievably it was blowing 20-30 mph! I stalled a bit as I haven't been out at Castlerock since I've been riding, it's a smaller beach, and there is a horrible pier at the end.

However, I did get set up, but as I finished setting up I noticed a big rain shower coming in. So I sat in the car(see pic at top) and watched the puddles form in the kite. After the rain finished (only a few minutes) I ended up having a great wee session out on the water in the sunshine. I was probably out for about an hour, the waves were choppy, big, flat, frothy, not frothy and then choppy again in that time - quite a variety.

Didn't really learn much, was trying a bit of toeside, some carving turns, and some small jumps. Just having fun mainly :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What are the cameras for?

There are a lot of questions around the new cameras springing up all round the country. Don't worry folks, they aren't trying to catch you speeding, they just want to build a 5 year database of your movements...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Benone Kitesurfing - Sun 1st May

Today was another sunny, windy day. I managed to make it down to Benone for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Again it was a pretty good day, wind was quite good, water was a bit too choppy though, but still very good.

I was trying a bit of jumping, but not getting on very well. I can do nice wee jumps on the way out, using the waves as a ramp, only a few feet, but still nice. I was trying to boost on the way in, but with limited success. I managed to just about land one of the million tries, but all the rest resulted in a static landing, or even landing with the kite facing the opposite direction.

Will keep working. This is my target for this year, simple boosts.