Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lent 2013 - A little different

I'm not religious about lent, but sometimes I like to do something. I had toyed with different ideas this year but not settled on any. My favourite was replacing my "smart" phone with a normal one, like a Nokia 8210 or similar for the time, to see how I would do without this appendage. I decided not to bother.

However, I stumbled on which is a website whose tagline is "Do Lent Generously". Basically you sign up with your email (or facebook) and they post details of an act of generosity to attempt to perform each day. Something to make you think.

You can see the details of each day at but it only shows up to the present day. You have to wait in eager anticipation for the next day.

Today is day 7, and so far for me it has been thought provoking, but not very practical. Maybe that'll come. I think I'm the kind of person who isn't particularly practical by nature, but hope to work on that. We'll see how it goes :)

Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday 1st February - Kitesurfing - Benone

After quite a long break I was back in the water today. There was no real reason for the break, other than just a lack of good conditions, and lots of other things to do.

It was only a short session today, about an hour in the water at lunchtime, but with the temperature, I think that was quite long enough!

It was very windy, really at the upper end of the scale for my 9M kite, so it wasn't the most pleasant. The wind was almost straight on, but there was a slight cross in it, which meant I was able to ramp over the waves as opposed to riding along them.

I didn't get up to much, just trying to hold onto the kite, few small jumps over the waves, a bit of toeside and a few big carving turns. There were lovely big flats between the waves, but it was so windy that sometimes they were quite choppy.

Anyway, it was good to get out, I'm looking forward to getting out again in slightly less wind, and more cross shore.