Monday, May 19, 2008


One important part of having a fast car is having good brakes. To this end when I got my Scooby last September, I changed the "suicide brakes" to 4-pot callipers off a 2003 impreza, which just screw right on. They also came with good pads, and a set of drilled and grooved discs, so I just used those.

There was always a very slight judder from the disks, so I knew they would probably never be permanent. Also, the back brakes have only been braking on a small part of the disc (about 25%) since I got them.

I managed to find an eBay seller, azcarpartsuk who was able to supply replacement discs/pads all round for under £200, which is pretty good since the pads are mintex, and the front discs drilled and grooved.

On Saturday night we fought with the back discs and changed them. Tonight I changed the fronts which was a lot easier. Now I've got brakes all round that should work well. Now I can stop.