Thursday, August 21, 2008

Car fuel pump

This morning on my way into work the impreza started to stutter a bit, losing power at higher revs. Then as I continued the power dropped until as I was coasting into the car park at work there was almost no power at all.

I tried the car at tea break time and it wouldn't even start. So we got the toolbox out to do some basic checks, and found that there was no petrol getting to the front of the car, indicating a problem with the fuel pump.

After finding this article on the interweb we managed to locate the fuel pump, and see that it was not pumping at all.

Needing a new fuel pump, knowing the prices Subaru dealers charge, I called Eddie Torrens, the car breaker, and he said he would sort me out with one for £70. As the close of the business day was approaching I swiftly sent my better half to reluctantly visit Mr Torrens.

Fortunately I had taken the precaution to send her a picture of what it was I was looking for, as upon arrival she was apparently presented with a fuel pump for something entirely different, and so was able to say it wasn't the correct part. After dissecting another car they managed to get one.

About two hours later they arrived at my work and we inserted the new one, and the car started first time. What a relief.

So, thanks to Mr keita from the forum for taking the time to provide me with step by step instructions! Most helpful!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dogleap Stages Rally

I have now passed the advertising signs for the Dogleap Stages for 3 years on my way to work, and finally my curiosity got the better of me. I called in at North West Motor Factors who sold me a program, showing the stage maps for the rally. It turned out that two of the stages were within about 2 miles of our home, so obviously it would be rude not to go.

We took a drive around yesterday to see where to stand, and unfortunately a lot of the stage was inaccessible to pedestrians due to overgrown weeds. However, we found a good clearing in the middle of the stage, where we could see a good bit of the track from, so we decided to go there.
This turned out to be a good spot, and as there were 3 stages using this same track we moved around for each of them. Each spot seemed to be just as good.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in this kind of thing, in my opinion it was just as good as the WRC, if not better, as the crowds were smaller. Escort Mk IIs are the best :)