Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas... again!

We hadn't managed to see my Mum and Dad over Christmas, so they came over today for Sunday dinner. We had another super feed, and the kids enjoyed seeing their grandparents again too.

The present-of-the-year appeared in the form of a bow and arrow set hand crafted by Granda, which pleased the kids no end. To be honest, it amused everyone greatly, as during the first demonstration one of our fine glasses bit the dust. Or rather it became dust! It was good that everyone saw the funny side, in fact Susan and I could hardly stop sniggering and laughing.

After dinner we got all the other presents opened, and did Christmas all over again. Great! Again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!!

We awoke this morning to a beautiful, frosty winters morning. The kids did what they were told, and waited until 7am before retrieving us from our slumber.

Downstairs, and it turns out that we must have been on Santa's good list, and we also haven't reached the age threshold for Santa gifts either. Phew.

Lots of happy children, then off to church to meet the person its all about. After that we had a great family meal, followed by opening yet more presents, and yet more food. Great!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Moon and Fire

In preparation for the arrival of our Christmas guests we did quite a bit of tidying up, and as a result we had a lot of cardboard and paper to burn. This afternoon I lit a fire beside the house, and as with everything recently I used it as an opportunity to get the new camera out. Not very exciting, but little amuses the Simon.

While I was outside I noticed that it was a fantastically clear day, and the moon and stars could be seen clearly. Again, another experiment ensued, and I got the 55-200 lens out, pointed at the moon, and after a few settings, clicked, and viola! instantly a better photo than I had managed with my compact... I think I'm going to enjoy this new camera...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gatorville again....

This week I was back in flat Florida again with my work. The downside of this all is that I am without family, and this time I am missing switching on of the Christmas tree lights, and my work Christmas night out among other things.

The upside is that it is sunny. It was between 20-24 degrees today and sunny. Due to last minute changes in plans I was left with a 200 mile drive, from near Miami to Orlando International Airport. As I was not really under time pressure, I took the "scenic" route, driving up the West side of lake Okeechbee, and following the 27 North through Lake Placid, and Dundee.

It was a nice drive, although I think if I was doing it again, I would leave even earlier, and use more minor roads, and 20 mile straights can be monotonous.

Of course I got to the flight on time, checked in, security, etc, but Air Traffic Control decided to be silly, and we were extremely late. The 1/2 hours just kept adding to the departure time, until we were so late I knew we would miss my connection to Belfast. I had hoped that the connection would be late too, but wouldn't you know, for once it was on time! Another day to spend in NY. And this time it's freezing!