Friday, July 18, 2008

Terms and Conditions

I like this guy's attitude, taken from:

For me its a matter of convenience quality format and control.

If the studio's released TV shows online free for download in 350mb xvid/divx format from a quality source with a quality compression I would GLADLY download it from them. Commercials and all. I really do not mind commercials that much as long as they are not ANNOYING like what sci-fi sometimes does with commercials every few minutes. Dozens of them. Keep it to 10 minutes of commercials in 2 or 3 "sets" and I will gladly download it from you.

ANY DRM ANY conditions ANY Restrictions and back to bit torrent I go. ANY COST better be met with ZERO commercials and still NO restrictions and the price better be cheap $1 an episodes sounds about right. (Music should be around 12 cents a pop)

These are my terms.

They are not really up for negotiation.

Accept them or I will enforce them myself with bit torrent or a recorder etc.. This is not a discussion. I am the consumer if you want my eyes or my money it WILL be on MY terms NOT yours.

Once they learn this they can go back to making good programs and raking in the cash.