Thursday, January 25, 2007

Light commute

Yesterday on the way home around 5pm there was a distinct difference. It was no longer dark, but twilight with bright skies visible beyond the hills. This, coupled with the fact that it wasn't actually raining for a change made the mundane commute into an enjoyable drive.

This morning was another pleasantly unusual experience, by arrival at work for 8am it was getting light.

It's nice to see the days stretch, and it'll be nice to get back outdoors in the evenings again!

Monday, January 01, 2007

1st Jan 2007

After yesterdays window issues, I spent this morning fixing a passat electric winding mechanism. Great fun. Thanks to this site the job was a whole lot easier. They really try very hard to make stupid people like me unable to do these kind of jobs.

After a bit of work I got the window jammed up, although not working correctly at all, at least it would stay up to keep out the elements.
I popped down the road to the in-laws where my very mechanically minded Father-in-law and I managed to get the whole mechanism back together.
After this we decided to go for a sail in the car, and set out towards Donegal. We hadn't really any destination in mind, which made it difficult to answer the "are we there yet?" questions originating from the back seat. However, we ended up in Greencastle, and decided to try to catch the Ferry back to Magilligan Point. Unfortunately we missed it by a few minutes, but this afforded us the opportunity to take a drive round part of the spectacular Inishowen 100 allowing us to get the reverse of our normal view. The hills we drove around are the ones we normally see across the sea from Castlerock, or Benone.
It was a great way to pass the 40 minutes before we boarded the ferry. The sailing was relatively smooth, and the kids really enjoyed it, as we spent the 15 minute trip on the deck, peering over the edge of the boat.