Thursday, June 28, 2007

... to Miami

Today we had no meetings, so it was just some time to send a few emails, and a conference call to dial into. After that it was off to the airport with my customary detours.

We stayed around Miami, so we were never too far from the airport, just in case. First stop was Miami Beach. Now, you have to understand that what we call a beach, like at Castlerock, is not a "Beach" in the US. Miami Beach is a town, or area, and yes, somewhere there is a beach too.

We arrived at Miami Beach, and to be honest, it just looked as bland as any other part of Florida, so we didn't even make it to the East coast real 'beach'.

Instead we went further South to Cape Florida State Park, on an island (or "key") called Key Biscayne.

This turned out to be smaller, and hence a lot less time consuming than we had expected, which was great. Unfortunately the lighthouse which had drawn me to this island was closed, although in the heat I don't think I could have managed to climb it anyhow. Nevertheless we managed to get a nice view of it from the beach, and IIRC we also spotted some nice birds ;)

On the way out of the park we noticed a sign for the curiously named "no name harbour". Needless to say, we just had to satisfy our curiousity, and see what features would cause a harbour to be christened "no name." Turns out its just so bland, that that was probably all they could come up with.

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