Sunday, June 24, 2007

Travel, and delays

Once again I set off for Florida today for more customer meetings. This week could prove to be another hectic one, with less time for sightseeing, but I'll try and squeeze a few sights in...

Today we had a relatively timely, quick, and painless flight from Belfast to Newark, apart from the usual disgracefully loud and messy N Ireland crowd.

I had risked booking a quick change at Newark, but upon arrival at Newark I discovered my flight would be delayed. This was also awkward because a colleague was going to pick me up from Ft Lauderdale.

Fortunately (?) his flight was delayed too, so he arrived at the terminal with the hire car just as I had picked up my luggage! Great timing! All worked out in the end. Me sitting down to a big steak burger at 2am (9pm local time). Madness.

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