Friday, March 07, 2008

On holiday

Normally when I travel with work I rush a bit of sightseeing into a few hours, but this time I decided to book a real day off. So after we finished work last night, I got into the car and drove south. I had booked a hotel half way down the keys, and arrived in the complete darkness. Imagine my marvel when I awoke to see where I really was. Beautiful, shallow water as far as the eye could see. Great. So I set off south again for Key West.

As I drove down in the morning Sun, I began to see the extent of the keys - miles of little islands connected by miles of bridges. Literally. One bridge is actually called the "7 mile bridge".

The bridges were many and varied, some of the coolest were the old ones.

Many of the new bridges also had the old bridge beside them.

Some old bridges were so old that they were off limits.

When I arrived in the large south-most island I was met with a glorious sight - people kitesurfing. As this is something I am in the process of trying I had to stop off and see how it was really done. These guys had great gear, shallow water for hundreds of feet out, and perfect, steady onshore wind.

When I got into town in Key West, I took a walk around the harbour, went to see the south most point in continental US, and saw some other stuff too. A cool day.

On the way back to the hotel for the second evening I managed to catch the gorgeous sunset.

Maybe Florida is OK after all...


That Hideous Man said...

Good photos! So you took the new camera with you then?

Simon said...

yip, no point in going anywhere without one :)