Sunday, March 09, 2008

Delayed....again, and again

So once again I find myself on a Continental sponsored holiday. I was supposed to leave Miami yesterday just after mid day, but bad weather at Newark meant repeated delays, until at 8pm the flight was cancelled, and I was booked onto the 2am flight.

With the time changing in the US this weekend I was walking around Newark airport at 7am wondering whether to book a hotel and catch some sleep, or go sightseeing. So I found the place to store luggage, and got on the bus to Manhattan. As usual I took a walk up through Times Square to Central Park, and got the tube back down to Times Square.

I had lunch at the Times Square McDonald's which is unlike no other McDonald's I have ever seen.

From there I took the tube south to go on a tour of the Statue of Liberty which is something I had hoped to do before, but never had the time


That Hideous Man said...

Unlike any McD's in that the food was healthy, nutritious and pleasant?? :-)

No blogs for ages, then a deluge of backdated ones?? huh?

Simon said...

yip, I've been sort of busy at work etc, so no chance to update. I like to backdate them so when I look back myself I can see the proper dates. There are more to come, and some in-between ones like our visit to you that I haven't got round to yet.....