Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shopping, and then off

Great. So, imagine you have one morning left in Orlando, what could you fit in? Maybe a quick tour? Maybe another drive? Maybe just go early to the airport and sit for hours waiting on your plane?

All of these options sound tempting, but I chose another, I chose to go shopping. I had promised several non-specific presents to several members of my household, and so I spent the morning shopping for these gifts.

After walking around the entire Florida Mall twice, I had managed to load my credit card sufficient, and it was time to leave for the airport. Got the car filled, and returned to what seemed like the busiest rental return facility in the world.

After that I managed to bypass the American Airlines waiting lines, which seemed to be longest waiting lines in the world, to my Continental check in, where there was one person ahead of me.

After getting my boarding pass I proceeded to walk around the airport passing the 2 hour wait (walking round more shops ;) I really wouldn't like to do this a lot. Once in a while is fine.
The flight to Newark was on time, and we arrived into the airport as the sun was setting.
Parts of the ride home were very bumpy, I woke at one stage, thinking we were landing, but we were still at 35000 ft.

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