Thursday, May 03, 2007

Coastal Drive

Living near the coast I tend to have a fascination with all things coastal, and I like to see stuff, whatever "stuff" is. When I heard I was travelling to Florida I realised that the prospect of getting to see a lot of "stuff" was slim. Today was a busy day at work, between visiting sites, and working in the hotel room where I have real internet connectivity.

From about 7:30 tonight I took the chance to have a drive around the coastal area, I only had time for a short drive, as I had some work to get through, but it was good to get a quick tour.

The inland area is highly urbanised, you would hardly know you were ten minutes from hundreds of miles of beach. Tonight I headed East, just aiming my GPS randomly at the coast to get somewhere, and then I drove North along the shoreline.
Got a couple of pictures, not that great, it was a little too dark, and I have no stand.

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