Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Break (1)

Today SWMBO and started out holiday with a little lie in. We started the day with a family breakfast, followed by the usual hectic act of getting ready for school. Any Tuesday starts the same way, I kick off the latest '24' download. Then its off to the garage with my car for its service.

After dropping the car off I had some time to kill, so I did something I've been meaning to do for some time : make an appointment with our dentist.

With that sorted, I just had to stand on Railway Road, in the rain, until SWMBO picked me up. Then we popped over to B&Q for cups and pads to protect the wooden floor from the furniture.

Next we went over to Limavady to Bradleys to see if they could fix our thermostatic shower, which had grown distinctly less "thermostatic" over the last few weeks. Turns out it is under a five year warranty, so that should be fixed shortly.

We popped into Tescos to get some food for lunch, and then it was back home for tea. Lazily we killed a couple of hours watching "Mr & Mrs Smith" before having a pizza for lunch.

That is the holiday over, the usual procedure begins : pick up Kate, do homework, pick up Matthew, off to swimming lessons, all good fun.

After swimming it is time to pick up car1, and leave in car2, and have a heart attack at £380 bill!
Home for tea, then got Kate off to GB, then picked her up, and retired the kids to bed.

Time for a quiet evening watching 24, another action packed episode, great stuff.

Afterwards I watched William Crawley's interview with Dawkins, which was very interesting and informative, and certainly worth a watch. Sad really.

This is of course followed by falling asleep in front of the telly, and off to bed. Goodnight ;)

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