Monday, February 05, 2007

Riding in Cars with Boys [2001]

Having a quiet night in I randomly flicked through the films tonight on my TiVo. I ended up with "Riding in Cars with Boys", which I would never consciously choose, and to be honest if I hadn't been doing other things on the laptop at the time I probably would have switched over.

It's really a quite tragic story about two teenage friends who fall pregnant* and how these events profoundly shape their lives. Its a very emotive story, touching on all sorts of family problems including marital breakdown and drug abuse.

It's not the kind of film I like, but by the end I was gripped. Watching this film made me realise how amazingly privileged we all are. We live in nice homes, in nice neighbourhoods, with pleasant friends and loving, supportive families. Our lives and close families tend to be free from all the problems in the film, for example I have never had to attempt to nurse my spouse through cold turkey as they come off heroin. Many people in the world do have this and similar or even worse experiences. Maybe tonight we should spend time really thanking God for the bounteous gifts we enjoy on a daily basis.

* this phrase always amuses me, its not like anyone has ever just "fallen" pregnant...

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