Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ballintoy to Dunseverick to Causeway Walk

Today we embarked on an epic walk, starting at Ballintoy harbour, walking around the coast to Dunseverick Castle. We stopped there for a picnic, and then continued around the coast to the start of the Giants Causeway. It is a super coastal route, and there are many parts of it we would have loved to explore more, such as the secluded tin house in one of the stony bays. We couldn't put an exact figure on the milage, but estimates vary from 10-13 miles. We didn't walk the exact route we planned, and we took a few small detours for exploratory purposes, but this was the planned route :


Anonymous said...

10-13 miles - very good going! Was this just you and the kids or did SWMBO join you as well!!!? We're impressed!

Simon said...

No, it was me and a group of folks from Nortel. No chance of SWMBO or kiddies doing that one :)