Wednesday, May 18, 2005

cygwin networking commands

Just found out some nice stuff about cygwin and network shares. I like to have SSH access to my home network, and under MacOS I had no problem with this - I just log in and a couple of commands mounts any share.

Now that the Mac is to go however, this presents a different problem. I have always been a big fan of cygwin, but I have never actually set up an SSH server. This document suggests that SSH server setup should be fairly trivial, so I'll give that a try. That should give me full access to a cygwin shell remotely. From there it should be a couple of simple commands to map a network drive

net view \\\\computername

Need to do the escaped backslashes to make windows understand it. This gives a nice list of the shares available on the machine such as :

Share name Type Used as Comment

DBTestProject Disk
downloads Disk
quake2 Disk
VBCode Disk

The command completed successfully.

From there we can either do :

cd //computername/VBCode

which will allow use of that directory like a normal directory, or ifwe want it mounted :

net use i: \\\\computername\\VBCode

will mount the share to the I: drive on the local machine. Great.

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