Monday, October 02, 2017

Broken Ribs

Three weeks ago today I had a kite-surfing accident and broke/fractured rib(s). At the time it was uncomfortable, but I carried on surfing for a few minutes, and it was time to pack up anyway.

I was able to pack up, get home, unpack the car, get out of my wet-suit etc, all a little uncomfortable, but really not too painful. The next morning I went to drive to work, and I got about 100 yards in the car and the clicking and pain was almost unbearable. It still makes me a bit light-headed to think about it.

I limped home, and ended up at home for 3 weeks.

The first week I really did no activities at all. I wasn't away from the house for the first week.

I got some stronger painkillers on prescription, and began taking them immediately. I struggled to do basic things like getting up the stairs, or standing and sitting. All week I lay exactly flat on my back all night without moving. Very uncomfortable.

By the time one week had passed, I was able to be a passenger in a car. I was able to get in and out of a car with a bit of care. However, at this stage I was struggling to get in and out of bed, I made sure I only made the transition from horizontal to vertical once per day. No laying about on the sofa, I only spent time sitting straight up during the day.

After about 10 days I tried driving a short distance, but it was still very uncomfortable, so I gave up driving for that second weekend. Each day I felt more comfortable, and at this stage I was able to sleep a bit on my side; my good side only, not the injured side.

Today, 3 weeks after my injury I returned to work. I'm still clicking a bit, and to be honest, driving is probably the activity I find most difficult. I'm much more comfortable sleeping, in fact last night was the first night I got to sleep on my injured side.

I still have some way to go, but I'm feeling incredibly better than I was, and each day brings an improvement. It wont be long before I'm strapped to a kite again ;)

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