Saturday, September 09, 2017

Kitesurfing Benone 9th September 2017

Today was forecast to be good north west all day, but better in the afternoon with more sunshine. I went to Benone after lunchtime and there were 4 other kite surfers already setting up. They were strangers to me, seemed nice, and also mostly learners, I think.

I set up and set off, but it quickly became apparent that these guys were in my way. Being learners their kites were almost always at 12 o clock and I was upwind of them, meaning I couldn't easily sail past them. The wind was quite onshore too.

So I packed off down the beach, downwind of them. It was great. Great conditions, and the new kites boost a lot more than the old ones. Really enjoying them. I was there for a few hours, just getting to grips with the new kite, and how quick it is compared to my old ones. Great Saturday afternoon!!

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