Monday, August 25, 2014

Kitesurfing - 25th August 2014

There is no kitesurfing for 6 months, and then 3 nights in less than a week. Tonight was east wind, which I'm not fond of, seemed quite strong when I got there, so I set up the 9, but it was clearly not enough, so I set up the 12.

Out on the water for a good while, mowing the lawn at the start, but working on toeside and even some powered jumps in the right to left direction.

There were almost no breaking waves, but it was odd on the way out, it was like constantly riding over a sine wave, which was actually quite tricky to do. It reminded me a bit of Magilligan point, in the mouth of the Foyle.

The best thing of all was getting to surf through the sunset, at about 8:40pm or so. Lovely.

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