Friday, March 30, 2012

Castlerock - Friday 30th March

The forecast wasn't great for today, but it was North, so I decided I'd better check it out. I went to Benone and it was almost completely calm and the beach was empty. I headed for Castlerock and it was blowing steadily, showing about 25mph on the meter, so I got set up. This was my first outing for quite a while, so I hoped I hadn't forgotten the basics.

There were only a few people on the beach, a coupld of walkers and some RNLI folks getting some training.

I got set up and headed out, full power on the 12 was a little underpowered and I struggled to stay upwind. I was also keeping my tack quite short so that I was never too far out (although I suppose RNLI could have come to my rescue :) )

I started off doing a few small jumps over waves, practiced a little bit of toeside, and just enjoyed a bit of cruising.

I stayed out for about an hour, seems to be a good session length for my fitness level. Towards the end the wind picked up, I fell hard on small jumps a couple of times, which means I'm getting tired.

Nice wee after work session.

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