Thursday, July 07, 2011

7th July 2011 - Famara

While on holiday in Lanzarote I decided to check out the local kitesurfing. I didn't bring my own gear, as we intended to spend most of our time around the resort. Instead I decided to get some coaching, and signed up to an IKO school for the morning. They are a Naish outfit, so I got the chance to fly a 2009 (I think) helix and a 2011 bolt. Not a lot of difference to my 2008 code, apart from the nice one pump system.

The wind was surprisingly variable and sometimes the 12m bolt was underpowered. The waves varied too, from infrequent with lots of nice flat water in between, to all on top of each other, huge waves. The board was smaller than I was used to as well, but it seems ok.

As for the lesson I may as well not have bothered, there were three other beginners there who were trying to master the board start, and the instructor spent most time with them.

He did call me out of the water to show the correct kite motion for some jumps I was attempting, but it wasn't really anything I didn't already know. I just need practice. And a beach with shallow water full of learners isn't the place to do it.

Another surprise was being kitted out in a full length wetsuit - I was expecting a shorty and warm water. Not so, in fact I would say the whole thing felt colder than my normal session at home. I suppose it was overcast, maybe if the sun had been out it would have felt a lot warmer.

It was a worthwhile morning, didn't learn a lot, got to fly some new kites, got to see that other people have trouble learning too; good to see I wasn't the only one. It's always nice to spend time on the water.

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