Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Benone / Castlerock 22 June 2011

Its midsummer time, so I donned my winter wetsuit and gloves and headed to Benone tonight after tea. I was hoping to finish up work early and be at the beach just after 4pm, but the forecast dropped off a lot, so I knew if there was going to be wind it would be later.

When I arrived at Benone the wind was reading 13-16mph, but it was steady so I rigged up the 12 and went out. It was pretty difficult to stay upwind, especially as the wind was quite onshore.

I persevered for about an hour, and then decided to give up, it was working, but only just - very disappointing. On the way home I called into Castlerock when the wind was reading around 20mph! So I set up and went out for about another hour and a half. This was a much better session, staying upwind was no problem, and I got a bit of toeside riding in on the flat water too.

The combination of wind and wave direction made it a little tricky, but it was all good practice.

On both beaches there were only a few people, sometimes none, just the occasional walker out with a dog.

It certainly was a pleasant evening, should have went to Castlerock first!

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