Tuesday, January 05, 2010

No fuel

Went out to start the car, but it just turned and turned, without a kick. I hadn't noticed the whirr of the fuel pump, so I decided to check to see if there was petrol getting to the front, and when I disconnected the hose, there was none.

As this happened before, just a few months ago, I knew exactly where to look. Jobs are always easier the second time.

This meant I couldn't make the journey to work, so I split the day between working from home, and car maintenance.

A quick post to the scoobyireland.com forum told me I could pick up a brand new one in Magherafelt, so I set off before lunchtime. Of course this journey was made much more difficult by last nights snow - although there was only a few centimetres it was freezing hard, and it lay, making even main roads treacherous.

I picked up the pump, and later on got it fitted. It is quite a relief when you turn the key and the engine starts.

Later on this evening I tidied everything up, screwed the seats back in etc, and that's the job done. Wonder what the next component to fail will be.....

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That Hideous Man said...

you need something nice and reliable like a Nissan Micra...