Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best day yet.

In March, when Marty and I were in California for 3 weeks with work we were determined to have a good holiday, as well as doing whatever work had to get done. Every day when we went somewhere we enjoyed it more than the previous day, Big Bear, Sunset Beach, San Diego, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Beverly Hills. Each day we acknowledged that we'd had the 'best day yet'. Well, today was another 'best day yet'.

A few months ago the guys at scoobyireland had arranged to hold a "rolling road" day, and today was that day. It had finally come round; it's something I've always wanted to do, I would have loved to have put my GTE Astra on the rollers as I'm sure it was pulling close to 200bhp.

Anyway, headed off this morning for AI Autosport near Randalstown, and was the first one there, so got first shot on the rollers. I'd hoped this wouldn't happen as it would have been nice to see what goes on before actually going. Phil reversed the car onto the rollers and they got it tied down with ratchet straps. Because my car was the first of the day the rollers had to be heated up, so he took the car up to 100mph and ran it there for a few minutes.

Then the run began, the car is held at 3000rpm for a few seconds to calibrate the machine, af
ter which the operator lets it rev lower, and then floors it. The graph is updated live on the machine, although its hard to see what is actually happening on the screen; there is so much information.

My car ran twice, once on SUL, and once on LPG. I was really curious about both runs because the car has 135000 miles on it, and IMO it has never really been going 100%, so I was expecting less than the stock 208bhp for the petrol, and slightly more on the LPG as it has a higher octane rating (apparently).

Wrong. 251bhp (219 at the wheels) on the SUL, and 240 (203 at the wheels) on the LPG.
Fantastic result, and although it cost £70 for the two runs, I think it was a good economy, as I was thinking about a chip, or boost controller, but sure now I don't need one, I'm already 20% over stock power!

Next it was off to Benone for a spot of kitesurfing. It was alright, first ride was the best going slightly upwind, after that it was a series of sinking, or crashing into waves etc. Then the wind died etc, so not a great session, but great to get out again for the first time in 3 weeks, after our wind drought!

Finally I have just spent over 7 hours painting in the living room. It's well overdue as with a coal fire burning there is a lot of soot. Now its got a nice fresh coat of paint. Actually found the job strangely enjoyable today, I'm sure that feeling couldn't last!


That Hideous Man said...

I trust the new garage comes complete with 'rollers'??

Simon said...

Unfortunately that is a > £30,000 extra that we just couldn't stretch to. Will probably fit them next month when we have built up a reserve ;)