Thursday, January 03, 2008


After a nice white frosty Christmas day I was hopeful that we would see some more snow. Well, tonight we got it! We must have had a good 2 inches fall over the last 4-5 hours, and now its freezing hard.
According to the BBC news there is havoc across the country, as people abandon their cars! They need 4wd :)

I spent quite a while digging to get the Passat up the drive, and just then guests arrived. We hoped they could get up the same tracks, but an hour later the tracks had
gone.... so back to the digging and brushing, and after a few attempts they were up. Of course the scooby just walked up up... :)
Getting to work tomorrow will be fun.

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That Hideous Man said...

Love the photo of the house - looks like a Christmas card!