Friday, July 13, 2007

St Peters Square

After checking into our "hotel" we decided to go for a walk to see what is around locally. A short walk around the Vatican wall brought us spectacularly into St. Peters Square. I had been warned about this one - I was told I would not believe the sheer magnitude of it. Can you understand my disappointment when upon seeing it I clearly did believe it? Anyhow, it was still quite spectacular, and well worth seeing. We spent some time wandering around it, and viewing the various monuments and buildings.

Afterwards we went for a Coke to cool down in the blistering heat. The rest of the family then went for a rest, and I went for another walk. After the kids went to bed I went out again, to see St Peters in the dark, and at 9:30 in the evening the bus loads of tourists were still arriving. A pretty cool day.

In Rome you can park anywhere : it seems that if you run out of road to park along, a zebra crossing can be used too!

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