Friday, October 27, 2006

Church Dinner

This year our church family has been celebrating the 350th anniversary of its life in Dunboe. There have been many, and varied events, such as the Flower Festival and our week of mission. Tonight was the final event, which took the form of a Church Dinner, where we as members of the Church could enjoy a meal together. We held it in our hall, bringing in outside caterers to prepare the meal, and they did a spectacular job. We had about 100 people who attended, and all I heard was praise for the meal. The Bible often talks of feasting and celebration, and that's something I think we don't do enough!

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Anonymous said...

Yes - both feasting and fasting are important in biblical spirituality - but strangely absent in the church in the west today. African Christian friends of mine practice both regularly as part of their church life and I think have much to teach us.