Sunday, August 27, 2006

Announcing : Sunday

Sunday morning is normally busy for us - getting up, getting the kids ready and heading out to church, getting to church and the normal little tasks I do there (winding the clock, unlocking the doors etc)

Today was special, however, because I had managed to get another task. Last week the minister had joked about getting me to do the announcements, but when he discovered the person he was going to ask was working he reverted to me! The last time I had the focus in church I was about 15-16, I felt so nervous, and read so badly (in my opinion) I had point blankly refused to do anything like that since. This time I decided to give it a go.

The minister arrived at my house on Friday evening with the announcement sheet, which I had a quick skim over, and then left to the side until this morning.

I practiced it about a brazillion times before we left for church.

In the end it all went OK, or so I am informed. I started out well, welcoming the visiting minister, pausing to look over and everything, although as time passed I could feel my heart getting faster. By the end I was looking for words or sentences or paragraphs to leave out, but I struggled, and got there, with my quivering voice - or so I thought.

I was assured afterwards by people who I trust to tell me the absolute truth that my nervous state was undetectable from my voice! Unbelievable!

Later that afternoon we headed to Benevenagh, where we went for a walk to the cliff edge, so perhaps it was just as well it all went well beforehand :)

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That Hideous Man said...

Ha Ha - I know just how you feel. Is till shake like a leaf every time I stand I up in church!!