Friday, May 26, 2006

Thank You

So, to the producers of Lost I say "Thank You."

At last we get a few answers. More questions are opened up, enough for an intriguing Season 3.

Caution: Look away now..

Finally, we get to see Desmond, how he got to the island, to the hatch and how he began to push the button. We got to see Kelvin, his predecessor, and hear his story.

Finally we see the countdown go to zero, and see the real consequences.

Finally Michael has to own up to what he did.

Finally we discover that there is a way off the island, bearing 325 degrees.

We get to see that Henry is an important person. We see that the camp is fake, and it seems the others live elsewhere

We have the promise that Jack, Kate and Sawyer will be taken to wherever the others actually live. We find out that Mr Friendly's name is Tom, and that the survivors shouldn't really be told that.

We already suspected that the island was somehow invisible to the rest of the world, more confirmation this episode. Except for the EMP.

What of Mr Eko, Locke and Desmond? Where do the others live? What do they want with the 3 hostages? What was the light/sound? The one footed, four toed statue? Where did Sayid end up? What was with that bird?

In Season 3 I think we will find out more about "the others." Maybe there will be a search for the island resulting from the EMP detection. I loved that scene switch to polar conditions, that was fantastic, and a nice ending to the episode too. After the poor ending in season 1, I think I may actually be tuning in on October 4th, when 3x01 airs...

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