Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I shot her

Definitely the most I've laughed at a film for a long time "I shot her"

Jackie Brown, Tarantinos 1997 film

Quite a good film, I don't think its all that great, but worth a watch. A good origonal story.

Funniest Dialog from movie:
ORDELL : Melanie must be dyin' to see it . (pause) Louis .
LOUIS : That's what I got to talk to you about . You see, Melanie was giving me a
hard time -
ORDELL : Not now, pick me up . [Louis hears the phone
disconnect] .
[The Toyota pulls up to the back of the bar . Ordell hops in, the car takes off]
ORDELL : ....(pause) Hey, where's Melanie?
LOUIS : That's what I gotta tell you . She bugged me the whole time . Got pissy with me 'cause I wouldn't let her carry the bag . Started running her fuckin' mouth ... I couldn't remember right away when we came out where the car was parked, so she got on me about that . "Is it this aisle Lou - is, is it that one?" She was totally fuckin' with my nerves .
ORDELL : So what, you left her there .
LOUIS : I shot her .
LOUIS : I expect she's dead .
ORDELL : You shot Melanie?
LOUIS : Twice . In the parking lot .
ORDELL : Couldn't talk to her?
LOUIS : You know how she is .
ORDELL : You couldn't just hit her?
LOUIS : Maybe ... but at that moment ... I dunno ...
ORDELL : You shot her twice?
LOUIS : Uh - huh .
ORDELL : So you're sure she's dead .
LOUIS : Pretty sure
ORDELL : Where did you shoot her?
LOUIS : In the chest and stomach .
ORDELL : Well, if you had to do it, you had to do it . What we don't
want is that bitch surviving on us . Anybody but that woman .

full script here

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