Monday, November 15, 2004

Using Neuston software on Showcenter

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Using the Neuston Software with Pinnacle ShowCenter

Until version 1.82, the Neuston application was a worthy alternative to Pinnacle's ShowCenter application. Unfortunately, after 1.82, Neuston began including hardware checks in their application to make sure the Neuston application could not be used with hardware other than Neuston's.

Fortunately, the check is easy to bypass. I have only verified this fix on the Neuston Media Center version 2.5 for Windows. But this fix should work on Neuston Media Center 2.5 for any OS.

1. First, download the latest version of the Neuston Media Center, available here:
Windows version:

2. Install the Neuston Media Center, and restart your computer.

3. After the restart, stop the Neuston Media Center (if it's running), and open the directory where the NMC is installed. Located in the 'Program Files/Neuston Media Centre' directory on Windows.

4. From the installation directory, open the 'webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/' directory.

5. Edit the web.xml file and remove the following lines (near the top of the file, the value of XXX is not important, just look for the fwname text)


6. Save the changes and start the Neuston Media Center. You should now be able to connect to the Neuston Media Center software from your Pinnacle ShowCenter hardware.

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John Brines said...

Hi Simon,

Do you know where I can get neuston media centre 2.5 as they appear to be taken over by another company?


Simon said...

No idea, sorry. It's ages since I've used the showcenter, or even looked near the neuston stuff.

I use xbox media center now (xbmc) and it is miles better than either

John Brines said...

Does the XBOX Media centre work on PC or is it just on your XBOX?



Simon said...

There are 4 flavours available, check out for details. Each is at a different level, it is the one for xbox I use, but I hear good reports of the others

Matthew said...

Found version 2.9 of Neuston Media Server on my computer. Have uploaded it onto Rapidshare for anyone else that stumbles upon this page from google.

Josephus said...

Thanks for the Rapidshare upload. It's a shame this product died. Just dug mine out to re-live the good times :)