Thursday, June 03, 2004

Sanitary ware...

So we ordered all our sanitary ware from Bradleys in Limavady around the start of April, and it was ready to be delivered, but we delayed delivery until Tuesday 20th April. The two cisterns for the ensuites were incorrect, the bath was not the one we ordered, and the taps in one ensuite were also wrong.

After being told that the correct cisterns were coming tomorrow for about a week, and finally we were told they would be in 10-11am on Thursday 29th April, which was still inconvenient as I had to hold the plumber off until this time.

We called over that morning, shortly after 11, and were told that they wouldn't be there until late afternoon. I asked where they were coming from, and as it was about an hours drive I said I would collect them myself. This seemed to trigger some sort of response, and I ended up on the phone to the delivery man, directing him to my house, and he actually turned up about two hours after that!!

Since then we have fought Bradleys for four antique pine cistern levers and for 5 weeks we have been told they would arrive tomorrow, or the next day, or the order has been delayed, or some other very poor excuse.

We ended up going over to get a refund, I just don't believe that they were ever ordered, and I wonder if I hadn't threatened to get the cisterns myself would they still not be here either???

This level of service is absolutely unacceptable, I can't imagine treating anyone this way, especially not a customer who has just paid £3000.

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