Saturday, May 19, 2007

White Park Bay in a storm

Tonight we tried to organise a coastal walk for the "young adults" of the church. Unfortunately only a few of the committee types turned up, but we still went ahead anyway, and it turned out great.

We were about 15 minutes late of getting started, which meant we missed a huge rain shower before we started out from White Park Bay. The waves were massive, most rolling up close to the sandhills, so we had to dodge them!

We proceeded around the coast, enjoying the stormy sea, and the wind in our backs, until we arrived safely at Ballintoy Harbour, where another car, and a hot flask was waiting for us. As we arrived the rain came on, and again persisted for some time, so we took cover in a small shed and had a wee cup of tea.

Overall what could have been a wet and miserable evening turned out to be one of the best walks I've had in a long time!

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