Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm surrounded by Disney

This morning when I woke up in my 17th floor hotel room, in Orlando, I got to see just what was outside. From my room I could see the rides in a part of the Disney "World". (you can just about see them in the picture if you squint! - see the hotel here: and scroll left for the huge Disney carparks, then the center).

I put World in inverted commas because, while it's not quite a "World" it's not far off it! I had to check out of my hotel today a couple of hours before my first meeting, so as well as grabbing lunch I decided to go for a drive. I aimed to go slightly out into the countryside, but managed to find myself rounding the edge of Disney world. It is absolutely huge, you can drive for miles (like 10's of miles) around it, taking various exits off the Disney branded freeway into the various attractions.

The sheer scale would kind of put me off ever really going.

Had to drive back down to Boca Raton tonight, and did it all in one go this time, that's a long drive :(

On the upside, there was another cool sunset before I left :)

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