Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kitesurfing : Day 4/5

Due to loads of work and lots of other stuff going on at the minute, its one of those times where there is no "leisure" time. Not ideal.

Yesterday we managed to spend part of the afternoon at Benone, getting the kitesurfing kites out again to do some static flying. The wind was strong and steady, giving good practice time. I really think I should have had the 12m instead of the 8m, but the 8 was going well.
Today we headed back to the beach, but the wind wasn't just as steady, or strong, and I think the 8m was really too small - it didn't fly well at all. And then the rain came on. Good thing we've got a reasonable length of washing line :)
It is still going to take a few more outings before it'll be time to take to the water!!

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