Saturday, July 14, 2007

How difficult can it be?

Today we continued in our theme of having trouble doing basic tasks. We successfully checked out of the hotel, and got the Metro back to Termini station.
From there it took us about two hours to find the car hire place, and stand in the semi-eternal queue to hire the car. But never fear, in the end we were driving through Rome, trying to find a motorway. Eventually we were heading North, towards Orvietto.

In the mid afternoon heat we arrived at the train station where we had arranged to meet the owner of the villa. From there we followed the car along a crazy series of roads finishing off in a lane over 1/2 mile long, and very steep up to a cool rustic villa on a hill.

Pleasantly set above a lake, with a lovely blue swimming pool it looked like a great villa. Now, lets find the air-con controls.....

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