Friday, June 29, 2007

Stuck in NY

Due to landing at the wrong airport and having our flight cancelled, we had to fly to Newark today, where we had a 9 hour stopover.

The other guy decided that the flight tonight was too chancy, and he booked into a hotel to wait for his confirmed ticket tomorrow night.

I think I will give the flight tonight a try. The eternal optimist.

To kill the 5 hours in the afternoon we caught the train at the Penn Station to 34th Street in Manhattan. There were no plans, other than to get off the train and start walking. So we did, and it was pretty cool with zillions of huge high-rise buildings. Then we found ourselves standing outside the Empire State Building, which it has to be said is pretty big.
So we decided to take the tour, and some guy persuaded us to do some combined ticket thing that would get us expedited past the queues (or lines as they call them here) and also on some extra stuff. The queue jumping was great, we must have saved at least an hour (the queue was huge). The extra stuff turned out to be a video, which to be honest was interesting and informative.
Then it was into the elevator for the 82 flight ascent. Normally elevators count in 1's, but this one counted in 10's! It was pretty fast at taking us up, before the final 6 floor ascent to the roof. We decided to jump the elevator queue again, and use the stairs, which seemed like a good idea for the first two of the six floors.
Anyway, it was pretty cool. Although it was a bit misty I could still see for miles, but the weirdest thing was the noise. It was just like a loud static rumble, like you get from a TV, except more bass. Very weird, but cool.

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