Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Going West

Having tried, and exausted East, I thought I could give West a go. Unfortunately tonight work lasted longer than the daylight, so it was West in the dark. Before I travelled this time, knowing I probably wouldn't have the time to go hundreds of miles, I looked to see where I could go with relatively easy reach. Turns out there are a few places where roads go into the 'glades, and come to a dead end - so I tried one of those!

I went out a road called "Lox Road" which was perfectly straight for about 6 miles. Upon entering the road I could see a flashing light, which seemed close, but as I travelled towards it, it became clear that I was not close. After 6 miles I could make out a "Road Ends" sign, which of course I continued on past.

It seemed that there was dirt track beyond it but darkness and the thought of alligators disuaded me from going any further. So I just took a couple of long exposure shots, and went back to the hotel.

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