Friday, February 16, 2007

Roe Valley

Today we visited the Roe Valley Country park, which is a great park, just outside Limavady. We visited before recently, but the rain came on, and as we weren't completely sure about our solubility in water, we decided not to risk it, and got back into the car.

Today, however, it was not raining, but dry, mild, and calm. A perfect location for a great walk.

We walked southwards down one side of the river, and crossed over at the first bridge, and back along the other side. It was about 3 miles, which we walked in just less than an hour. A great way to spend Friday afternoon.

When we were almost around we spotted this Robin, and it sat on the branch while I got closer, and managed to snap this shot!

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JOY said...

I am originally from Limavady and was delighted to stumble across you post! Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

Love the picture of the robin! I managed to snap one too and put it on my blog.