Sunday, February 04, 2007

Out of hibernation

Hopefully the lull in postings here has ended. The reason for the lull is simple. Each time I post it is because I have been doing something which I think is interesting. I simply haven't done anything that interesting recently.

This weekend was different though, with the unusually warm weather and bright sunny skies. On Friday afternoon we reassembled the trampoline which had been taken apart for safety reasons due to the high winter winds. It was great to get it back together, and a few bounces later it was as if it had never been away! Great!

The kids were mad to get out for a ride on their bikes, so on Saturday we packed them into the car and made our way to Castlerock where we had a great walk on the beach. The moon is full just now, meaning the low tide is very low, and fortunately low tide was early afternoon, meaning a huge amount of the beach was hard wet sand. The kids loved it and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

The best bit for me was the way the waves were splashing against the end of the pier. This seems to happen periodically when the waves are big and the tide is low. It can be quite spectacular, and worth a look. The great thing about it is that while the pier can be dangerous at high tide, at low tide the only danger is getting wet by a cloud of spray, as the water doesn't actually wash over the pier at all.

There were a couple of guys at the end of the pier attempting to get a good photo, but I think they weren't standing far enough back; I think I got the picture they were looking for.


That Hideous Man said...

Brilliant photo!! How did you get the timming so accurate/ My digital camera is a pain - there is such a bad delay which is unpredictable in length depending on the strength of the batteries!

Have you splashed out on a fancy new camera then?!

Simon said...

Nope, still the same camera. I knew when the waves were coming, and used the super continuous mode which shoots 3 frames in quick succession. Holding the shutter half down means that pressing it fully instantly begins the sequence of 3. No new camera yet, still saving.....

JOY said...

What a fantastic picture!

I am a novice photographer and would love to know how to snap a photo like this - guess you have to have it to hand all the time!

I love it!