Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wanted : Glasses!

I meant to fall out!
Today we took the kayaks out again, this time there was more sun overhead (periodically)

The waves were relatively small, and so my Brother-in-law decided to have a go - a great day for a beginner. As time rolled on the waves got bigger, but still manageable.

You may recall previous issues with kayaking and glasses - well it happened again. He lost his glasses, and it wasn't like last time where there was a possibility of finding them, instead the swirl from the waves was too great, and we couldn't see the bottom at all. (thats not him in the picture btw, but you get the idea. Read more here)

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That Hideous Man said...

Though my folly is worse b/c your SWMBO had warned me what happened to her - but I went ahead anyway and repeated her error.

Now however the opticians in Perth has given both myself and your SWMBO a cunning little strap to hold glasses firmly on the head when performing exciting stunts like capsizing!