Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday: Time to leave

7:30 on Friday morning saw us off for another morning walk, or climb as it turned out. We went to a spectacular viewpoint near Birnham, and it should be noted that the "walk" was steeper and longer than I care to remember. But due to the tight time constraints imposed by the Missises we made it up and down in record time. Its good that we both survived.

After much packing and goodbyeing we set off for home. After a 1 hour boat delay, finding a set of keys we forgot to return and multiple games of "Guess Who?" we were returned safely home. It is always nice to get back home after any holiday, but I have to say I could definitely have had another week this time......

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That Hideous Man said...

What could be more refreshing than a nice stroll in the country before breakfast?