Thursday, October 29, 2009

A week off

We have all been off work and school this week, and as usual we have been busy. I had quite a bit of tidying up to do to the paved area, and I had managed to get a Saturday or two at it, but what I needed was a sustained effort. I started on Monday, and finished this morning.

Lots of the edge flags had been cut, but not placed, and it took quite a bit of preparation to make the area ready for them. The adjacent sand and cement mix had hardened and needed chiseled out to enable new mix to be laid to bed in the edging.

There were kerbs to be laid for the edge at the
front, so we got that done too, and placed the flags in behind them.

the most challenging cutting I had to do was the bit around the manhole. This was tricky because the slabs that had been left out created a space that wasn't really very square, and also cutting slabs to fit inside the manhole cover was extremely delicate. Worth it in the end.

The doorstep at the patio was also finished, just this morning. I had to build the edge and then fill in the centre with concrete, and when that had hardened I laid the paving stones.

The plasterer has also been here, but only for two days, and has most of
the inside rubbed up, and all four corners done now. Lets hope it doesn't rain tonight!