Sunday, September 07, 2008

Red Arrows - 2008

Two years ago we saw the Red Arrows perform over Portrush at the first annual airshow. Last year we missed them, 'cause we got the day wrong. This year we made up for it, they were on twice, on Saturday at midday, and on Sunday at 5pm. Once again it was spectacular!


That Hideous Man said...

I remmeber when I was a kid and my Dad took me to see them at Farnborough Air Show... unforgettable! Amazingly noisy and smoky too.

That bottom photo of the one on its own is a stunning shot..

The Leuchars Airshow is on over here next week, they say its the last airshow they are going to hold there.

I wasn't going to bother, but reading this, and being reminded of my dad taking me, I'm thinking again - maybe my boys would enjoy it... then again its forecast for torrential rain and high winds!

Sima said...
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