Monday, February 04, 2008


It's been a while since I've had any sort of challenge on my commute, but today was different. On my way in this morning I caught up with the guy in the red GSI, very similar to the one I used to have. nobody was trying too hard, but it was clear I had a tremendous advantage over him, and it wasn't just the AWD in the wet.

Then on the way home, which was a little early as I had a parent/teacher interview to attend, there was a guy in a sporty focus behind me; must have been an RS, or ST. It seemed that he was going to go the main road, and hence our ways would part, but as I accelerated out of the roundabout I saw him tight in my mirror. We kept it up and I missed fourth (crunch) but he made no ground on me, before breaking hard for the next roundabout. I'm sure I lifted off the ground slightly as we crossed the mad roundabout at about 40, then up the hill before I reached the bit of the road I am scared of. As I slowed to normal speed I could see he was trying to pass me! Madman. Well, as it turned out he went the coast road anyway, so I had no more trouble.

These events helped me establish a few things:
  1. I no longer possess the madness required to road race properly. I have (marginally) too much sense. I could have gone faster. I could have braked later. I could have....
  2. It is easier to be behind, and stay behind than a) overtake, or b) be in front.
  3. I am quite happy to lose. I just want to have a little fun, within reasonable limits.
  4. I am no longer prepared to consciously assume that I won't have to stop.
  5. If I had had this car when I was 17-22 I would have killed myself, probably several times.

Best car I have ever had. Every day I have the scooby I enjoy it thoroughly.

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