Friday, January 04, 2008

Fun in the snow

I usually try to get away from work on a Friday at about midday, as that's what it says in my contract (I like to try to stick to my contract where possible ;) )

Today I had special reasons to leave at exactly 12:00 -
1) Snow on the roads would slow my journey home
2) The kids had to be picked up by 1pm
3) (most important) I had to get home to play in the snow

Managed to get home just before 1pm, so spot on timing, which is more than could be expected as there were various reports of journey time multiplication factors of over 6, so 30 minute journeys were taking several hours. My 35-45 minute journey took 55 minutes. Not bad really.

A fresh fall had started, and the wind was blowing snow from fields through gates onto the road. The roads were mostly passable, although "the mountain" was a bit mad.

Anyhow, picked up the kids, got home, and straight out into the snow. Matthew and I were hardly inside all afternoon. Kate popped in and out. We made snowmen, used fertiliser bags to toboggan down the hill, and generally had a lot of fun. Great!

Had to make the most of it today, as apparently its all going to go away tomorrow.... at least that's what the forecasters say.... although they are the same forecasters who predicted that we wouldn't actually see any snow here (we had 5" which is the most I can remember)

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That Hideous Man said...

Cool! - at least you've had "proper snow" - we've had a deluge of miserable slush so far, hopeless for playing in. Still, it's snowing again now......