Friday, November 02, 2007

Malin Head

For some time I have wanted to drive the Inishowen 100, a 100 mile tour round the Inishowen peninsula. Today we set out to drive round it, but we took a couple of shortcuts (i.e. got lost), and instead arrived at "Five Finger Strand", which the kids absolutely adored. There are some great sand hills which they enjoyed descending at great speed.

A fantastic beach, well worth a visit if you're in the area. Apparently we missed the coolest thing though, at low tide you can see the wreck of the Twilight which sank in 1889, on route from Newfoundland to Derry, so we'll have to make a return visit!

The other striking thing about the countryside was the sheer number of animals in the road!

Malin Head itself wasn't too exciting, especially as it was blowing a gale, and my company just wanted to "go home".

On the way home we happened to arrive at Greencastle just in time for the ferry. This gave us a quick route home.

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